Letters: UCLA fans saw enough

UCLA, USC fans will always have their adversarial relationship, even when neither team rates a marquee spot.

December 28, 2012

Earlier in the week I angrily wrote in about the Daily Trojan (a.k.a. L.A. Times) and the above-the-fold article with a huge picture of Matt Barkley and a below-the-fold, tiny article and picture on UCLA and Johnathan Franklin. Matt Barkley didn't even participate in the article on himself. On Christmas Day, I disgustedly wrote in again about the huge article and picture on Marqise Lee/USC and the tiny article on UCLA. Another nice gift to the Trojans. Well, after driving to San Diego to watch the Holiday Bowl, I profusely apologize for my previous missteps. I must confess. I listened to the second half on the radio going home. Keep my subscription going for another year.

Jeff Black

Beverly Hills


What a problem USC quarterback Matt Barkley faced! At the end of his great junior season he could have earned millions by signing on with pro football and be a star but might have been badly injured. Or he could have continued on as a USC senior quarterback and been injured (as happened). Or he could get a Rhodes scholarship and become a college professor related to sports or maybe a college or pro football coach.

Kenneth Larson

Los Angeles


After suffering through another embarrassing display of UCLA football in a bowl game, we know why UCLA fans don't waste their time, er, "travel well," to bowl games. The coach obviously did not have this team ready to play and the players obviously forgot that it is a contact sport. So, the bottom line is this: Dan Guerrero, until your sports teams and coaches get serious, why should we fans spend our money traveling with them? Is anyone besides me further embarrassed by the comment made by the ESPN crew that "It makes you question the Pac-12"?

Curtis Hacker


How deep is their love, Clippers?

Hats off to the Clippers for getting off to the best start in franchise history. They are an exciting and athletic squad. However, until they have actually won more than an opening-round playoff series, perhaps talk of how L.A. is becoming "their town" should be taken down a notch.

Bud Chapman



I wondered what happened to the Lakers' famous "bench mob" and then I discovered they are now playing for the Clippers.

Sol Bialeck

Van Nuys


As a lifelong Lakers fan, I do not begrudge the Clippers their success. However, it irks me to no end that Chris Paul was and should have remained a Laker. If not for "King Stern's" machinations, both Paul and Dwight Howard would have been Lakers. How's that for a "dynamic duo" building for the next dynasty.

Should the Clippers actually win the NBA crown, they need to send Mr. Stern a ring, a limo, and a big kiss and hug.

As for me, don't let the door hit him on his way out!

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa

No one got his cable

It started with bowl games that interested only the participants. Now ESPN rules the college bowl system from beginning to end — literally.

Of the 35 bowls, only three are not on ESPN. Last year, the Rose Bowl was on ESPN and this year the Rose Bowl and the BCS championship games are not available on network TV. Maybe when these games become pay-per-view someone will get as outraged as am I already.

Warren Evan Larson


Class dismissed

I just read a quote from Pete Carroll. He said, "We have too much class for that." Pete was referring to some of his players wanting to run up the score against the San Francisco 49ers to reach 50 points for the third consecutive week. Isn't he the same Pete Carroll who had the Trojans throw the bomb to run up the score against UCLA? Isn't he the same Pete Carroll who stormed off the stage, like a big baby, during Mark Sanchez's press conference to announce he was leaving USC early for the NFL? Isn't he the same Pete Carroll who persuaded Matt Leinart to stay an extra year, costing Leinart millions? I guess there is only one way to spell class: Me.

Brent Montgomery

Long Beach


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