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Live chat: How will the NFL playoff races turn out Sunday?

December 28, 2012|By Mike James

The six playoff teams, if not the positions, of the AFC are set. What they’re doing Sunday is determining where and who they’re going to play next weekend and beyond.

But the picture in the NFC is fuzzier. The Redskins, Cowboys, Vikings, Bears and Giants are the remaining five teams hoping to land the last two available playoff spots in the final Sunday of the NFL season.

Tune in at 11:30 a.m. Pacific time as Times NFL expert Sam Farmer and host Mark Thompson pick apart Sunday’s big games in their Friday NFL Slam.

Can the Redskins, behind rookie Robert Griffin III, hold off the Cowboys on Sunday evening in what many consider the featured game of the weekend? Can RG3 pick apart the Cowboys defense the way he did in the Redskins’ victory on Thanksgiving?

The Vikings need to beat the Packers, the Bears need to beat the Lions and need help from the Packers, and the Giants not only need to win, but they also need three other games to work in their favor.

By Sunday evening, the playoff pairings will be set, three of the hopefuls for NFC spots will be packing their gear for the final time, and the one-and-done season gets underway. Get the inside information heading into Sunday’s big games from Sam and Mark, and just watch how you can impress your friends with your knowledge when you sit down Sunday for a day of NFL action.


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