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Letters: Marijuana growers trash California's forests

December 29, 2012
  • Wildlife technician Aaron Pole surveys a forest trashed by growers. Carbofuran, an insecticide lethal to humans in small doses, is found regularly at large-scale pot farms. Also flowing into the watershed are rodenticides, fungicides, diesel fuel and other pollutants
Wildlife technician Aaron Pole surveys a forest trashed by growers. Carbofuran,… (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles…)

Re “Pot farms take dirty toll,” Dec. 23

Some years back I purchased a copy of biologist George Wuerthner's guide “California's Wilderness Areas: Mountains and coastal ranges.” As a Southern California native, I was not familiar with geographic locales outside my immediate area, so reading the volume and looking at the beautiful color photos instilled an incredible sense of fascination with California's far north and its incredibly rich biodiversity and unspoiled splendor. It made me realize that pristine areas of the state, untouched by humans, still exist.

Needless to say I was horrified, sad and angry after reading how our natural resources and wildlife are being destroyed by reckless and greedy criminal elements. Why should we allow this rape of our environment to continue?

If marijuana were legalized and regulated, this detestable rampage of our natural environment would stop. Until then, the federal government needs to step in and provide more resources — either in the form of money to provide for restoration or National Guard troops to patrol our

public lands -- to combat this menace to our state.

Amy Woflburg

Los Angeles

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