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He's making a 'Big Bang'

Johnny Galecki is earning raves for his work on the CBS hit. It's a role he relishes.

February 02, 2012|Yvonne Villarreal

Her opinion is one that Galecki holds in high regard, so much so that the actor sought Barr's counsel when "The Big Bang Theory" pilot got picked up.

"I called up Roseanne, I think she was on her macadamia nut farm," he said. "We really had a nice chat about [your face] being on the side of buses and on billboards and how that changes your life. And how being a more central character on a show brings added responsibilities. That stuff weighs heavily on me. People are watching, you know?"

And if they're not watching him on TV, they're catching him on the big screen in movies such as "The Opposite of Sex" and "Vanilla Sky." His most recent film project, the Justin Timberlake-starring sci-fi thriller "In Time," was just released on DVD. And even Timberlake is keeping surveillance.

"He told me he watched 'The Big Bang Theory,' " Galecki said. "Like, I mean, really? How does that happen? I want scientific proof."

Times staff writer Scott Collins contributed to this report.


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