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Letters: Watching Bruins play is a grind

All this latest UCLA loss was missing was Bill Murray.

February 03, 2012
  • UCLA guard Jerime Anderson reacts after the Bruins turned the ball over to Washington in the second half Thursday in Seattle.
UCLA guard Jerime Anderson reacts after the Bruins turned the ball over… (Elaine Thompson / Associated…)

There is a glaring difference between how Washington's Lorenzo Romar coaches his Huskies and the manner in which Ben Howland coaches his Bruins. Romar lets his athletes be athletes while Howland recruits McDonald's All-American greyhounds and insists on walking them around the track. While at Pittsburgh with lesser talent, Howland used a grind-it-out style to successfully compete against the more talented beasts of the East. Coaching with that same underdog mentality at a program like UCLA just doesn't cut it.

Jerry Leibowitz

Culver City


The UCLA basketball team continues to lose big late-game leads on the road because Ben Howland continues to stubbornly make them change their offense down the stretch. They stand around with the ball on the perimeter, and clumsily try to run an offense in the last five seconds of the possession. Appropriately, it happened again on Groundhog Day.

Alan Abajian

Alta Loma

Not so Super

Another year and another "Madison Avenue Bowl" this Sunday, with over 3 1/2 hours of exciting commercials, intermittently interrupted by a game that takes about 15 minutes when the ball is in play.

I can hardly wait.

Kenneth Johnson

Pinon Hills, Calif.


If they say that imitation is the best form of flattery, then the NFL must have been tickled with the BCS championship game.

Just like that thrilling BCS game, The Super Bowl pits two teams from the same division (the Northeast) and tells the rest of the country this is good, this is really good.

Sorry, but New England vs. New York has about as much appeal as the LSU-Alabama borefest. Wake me when Madonna starts to sing ...

Bart Bogy



The Times reported this week that more than 7,000 fans paid $25 each to be present at Super Bowl media day.

Observation: P.T Barnum was right!

Jack Wolf



Tom Brady's supermodel wife solicits prayers for the Patriots, to have friends and relatives send the team "positive energy" in the big game. If positive energy were sent to a college team in a bowl game, would the NCAA investigate for a possible infraction?

If it got out that some Trojans fans had been praying for USC, would that extra energy disqualify USC from bowl games ad infinitum? Surely God would be a bigger influence on sports that an agent with cash and a car.

David Eggenschwiler

Los Angeles

Battle of L.A.

"Thunder is Good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning [Chris Paul ] that gets the job done."— Mark Twain

Roll on, mighty Clippers.

Bob Ginn



With the Clippers' recent dominating win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, it is apparent that the Clippers are better than the Lakers so far this season. The thing that probably hurts Lakers fans even more is that the Clippers have the better play-by-play and color commentators too.

David Hawkins

Anaheim Hills


Does T.J. Simers work for the L.A. Times or the Clippers? We get it! Enough already! He likes the Clippers and hates the Lakers. So what? Who cares? (Except maybe the Clippers' ownership). Honestly, the Clippers have been transformed into a great team, and that's fabulous. But this writer's sneering innuendo and sarcastic put-downs of teams and individuals in his columns is old-hat, boorish, classless, childish and demeaning.

Chet Chebegia

Long Beach


So people say the Clippers are L.A.'s favorite NBA team now. Well, one thing is right: They are the L.A. Times' favorite team. After only 18 games they have moved up to the top rung on coverage, while the Lakers are seen as also-rans. Donald Sterling has been running obnoxious self-aggrandizing half-page ads in the sports section every day for years. Is he the philanthropist of the century, or does he merely like seeing his name in print?

This is my town, and it's still a Laker town, as it is a Dodger Town, a Trojan town and ... ah, not so sure about hockey or soccer. Sixteen NBA titles, and all the feel-good memories make it so. The Clippers have made the playoffs twice in 20 years, so cool your heels L.A. Times, sports-talk hosts and Clippers fans until you have actually done something.

Bruce Alan

Granada Hills


An athletic 6-11 center, all arms, legs, and elbows, a relentless shot blocker and punishing rebounder, a left-hander who jumps out of the gym, patrols the paint, sweeps the glass and wears a stylish goatee and No. 6 on his uniform. For old school NBA fans, does this sound familiar?

If DeAndre Jordan grows into the legacy of a modern day Bill Russell, surrounded by Clippers teammates Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Mo Williams, Chauncey Billups, and Caron Butler, the NBA may be watching the birth of a new dynasty.

Tom Lallas

Los Angeles


The next statue in front of the Staples Center should be the one of David Stern, paid for by the Clippers. Sorry, Kareem.

Mitch Schvab

Sherman Oaks


I notice Kobe is much more engaged, animated and smiling on court this season. He must be thinking of his coming vacation in May and June.

Monte Whaley

Redondo Beach


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