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Letters: The Super Bowl was super close

One team had an elite quarterback. The other quarterback had a wife making headlines.

February 10, 2012
  • Model Gisele Bundchen speaks with her husband, New England quarterback Tom Brady, following the Patriots' loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday.
Model Gisele Bundchen speaks with her husband, New England quarterback… (Rob Carr / Getty Images )

When Bill Plaschke picked the winner of the Super Bowl, the Patriots, and told us we were all wrong, I knew the outcome. If only I had bet the house. Dang.

Paul L. Hovsepian

Sierra Madre


Simply put, you can't spell "elite" without the E-L-I.

Gino Cirignano

Playa del Rey


Age was the difference maker in Super Bowl 46 (I flunked math, so I can only count until III in Roman numerals). It was obvious that after a long break, age played a crucial part, making the field's biggest name look slow, hesitant, confused, tired and old.

But enough about Madonna.

Jack Saltzberg

Sherman Oaks


Gisele Bundchen is now officially the Yoko Ono of the New England Patriots.

Jack Kenna


Clippers v. Lakers

I speak for all Clippers fans when I say that it might be time to repeal Murphy's Law.

Maury D. Benemie



If the "reward" for suddenly winning a few games after missing the playoffs year after year is to have T.J. Simers join the team on a road trip, I hope the Kings' lackluster play continues indefinitely.

Andrea Lacker

El Segundo


As much as I respect Chris Paul's devotion to his family; both past and present, I worry that his prayer at the beginning of each game in which he tells God, "I know you know already who the winner is, but I ask that you will let it be us" will convince people that there's no reason to buy tickets to the game since they can just read the results of what God had determined in The Times. Sort of diminishes his talent also as a basketball player, since he really has no control over the game.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina del Rey


I have lived here all my life. We have two NBA teams, one with a wonderful history that is run by a family of class, and one that is a perennial loser, a franchise picked as the worst in sports not that long ago.

Now that the "loser" has a good team (for now), you have made it your practice for them to get the headlines in your sports section. Well let me clue you in: I, as many others that read the sports pages, follow the Lakers. Always have, always will. You are writing for a small minority and most people, such as myself, could care not less if the Clippers want to play in Outer Mongolia. This is a Lakers town, always has been and always will be, despite your efforts to the contrary.

Jon Stein



The Lakers beat the Celtics in a great overtime game, and The Times puts a story about David Stern's gift to the Clippers as the lead. If this front-runner mentality is how you are going to run your sports section, why aren't there more Long Beach State basketball stories on C1?

Michael Coyle

Long Beach


Can The Times finally call a truce on the negative Clippers letters? The Clippers are the best team in L.A. by any measurement. The Lakers were good in the past. Who cares? The Oakland Raiders were good once.

Last week there was a dumb letter about the Clippers erecting a David Stern statue. How about the Lakers erecting it for the Pau Gasol-for-Kwame Brown trade that Stern approved and was heavily criticized for? Keep up the good work, T.J.!

Gary Pinson



As Eddie Murphy says in the movie "48 Hours," there's a new sheriff in town! Kobe, that new sheriff on the Lakers is Andrew Bynum! Stop hogging the ball in the fourth quarter and feed the bigs.

Bill Cooley

Los Angeles


Magic Johnson's magnanimous praise aside, Kobe Bryant will never be the "greatest Laker of all-time." His checkered off-the-court record, mutually childish feud with Shaq, and reputation for on-court selfishness nullifies him from carrying this worthy title. Magic and Kareem won as much and did so with so much more dignity and grace. Either one of them should be "Mr. Laker," not the surly, me-first superstar we have today.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


Shaq, I've been a Lakers fan a long time. Long enough to realize that Kobe has a long way to go to be the "greatest Laker ever." There's a Mount Rushmore of Lakers greats, but to call him the greatest Laker ever? Not close.

That honor goes directly to Chick Hearn.

Alex Andrade



It's a minor note and most people probably didn't notice or don't care. The Lakers cut Derrick Caracter three days before all non-guaranteed contracts became guaranteed the rest of the season. Caracter, a 2010 draft pick, had the misfortune of busting up his knee during training camp. The savings to the Lakers is reportedly $788,782. What kind of organization, especially a wealthy one, terminates an employee who is injured while performing for you? It may not be illegal, but given the millions the Lakers generate it surely appears miserly and uncaring.

Konrad Moore



Strange as it sounds, Lakers fans would much rather see a Kardashian, any Kardashian, than World Peace.

Dave Stuart

Westlake Village

Trumping the sale

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