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Web Buzz: Need a restaurant suggestion? Ask Alfred.

Alfred the robot studies your food preferences based on a quiz and offers ideas on restaurants.

February 12, 2012

If you find Yelp and Urbanspoon — let alone Foodspotting — to be too much work when you're searching for great restaurants in a new town, try a robot.

Name: Alfred

Available for: Android, iPhone, iPad

What it does: This app analyzes your likes and recommends restaurants based on your previous favorites.

Cost: Free

What's hot: You don't have to spend ages in its initial quiz for Alfred to figure out what you like. ("Hi. I'm Alfred! Name a few of your favoite places, and I'll have personalized recommendations for you!") Before you know it, he's showing you breakfast, brunch, coffee and night life hot spots you'd hate to miss.

What's not: It's hard to tell Alfred's limits. Is it just large cities in the United States? No, I got recommendations while at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe.

Worth it: You're going to wish Alfred could help you find a date too.

—Jen Leo

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