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Letters: What's happening with the Lakers?

Kobe and Magic are speaking up, but is Jim Buss listening?

February 24, 2012
  • Does Lakers Executive Vice President Jim Buss need to play a more interactive role in helping the team?
Does Lakers Executive Vice President Jim Buss need to play a more interactive… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

If Magic Johnson thinks Jim Buss should talk to Kobe, then why doesn't he call Jim Buss and say so and not the L.A. Times. He's a VP of the Lakers and if Jim won't listen to him, the guy who owns the team will certainly accept a call when someone says "Dr. Buss, Magic Johnson's on the line."

We love you, Magic. You are still the best who ever laced them up, in a Lakers uniform or any other, but if this is the way you think it's best to run a team, I hope you don't buy the Dodgers.

Mitch Engel

Los Angeles


Four for 15 from the field, two missed free throws in the clutch and seven more turnovers (after 10 earlier in the week) against the Mavericks? Perhaps Pau Gasol should complain to Lakers management that all this trade talk is affecting Kobe Bryant.

Andy Schwich

Santa Monica


Kobe's latest rant against the handling of Pau Gasol by Lakers' management is classic double-speak. His "frustration" with the failure of the Lakers to pull the trigger on a Gasol trade needs translation. What it really means is Bryant, ever the "it's all about me" athlete, is disgusted that Gasol (responsible for winning two rings) has not been sent packing for a competent point guard! Shut up and suck it up Kobe — you have never won a thing as the man (zero rings without Shaq and Pau).

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


I am a Lakers fan. I love everything Lakers — the coach, Kobe, the management, and certainly the owner. Therefore, I am dismayed by the casual fan who berates the current record, the place where we are in the playoff run, or where we may be four months from now. Have faith, ye faint of heart, for history says that we will ultimately be just fine thanks to the owner, the management, Kobe, and indeed the coach ...

Theron Lewis



As I surveyed the wreckage from the Sunday night Lakers meltdown in Phoenix, I formulated a five-point plan to put them on track to contend for the world title.

1. Hire Derek Fisher as head coach under the condition that he retires as a player. He's intelligent, experienced, competitive and a true leader. He played under some of the best basketball minds in the game. He is respected by all NBA players, something that Mike Brown can only dream about. Besides, I am tired of seeing people blow by him like he was a greeter at Walmart. Derek, think legacy.

2. Annul the Lamar Odom trade. Everyone knows that Kardashian arrangements last only 72 days and we just passed that number since this ill-conceived trade. Lamar, just tell the Mavericks that you are vastly different people and that you want different things in life. Or have Khloe tell them.

3. Hire Mike Brown as your video coordinator. That way he and Ron Peace can sit around and discuss stats before every game.

4. Trade Jimmy Buss to the Warriors for Jerry West or any other person from West Virginia that has actually played in or coached a basketball game.

5. Trade Stu Lantz to another NBA team. There must be someone out there that hasn't heard Stu's clichés … over and over again. "The goal is to win the game" … really Stu?

It's just my opinion, but the status quo "won't get it done."

Scott Grieve



Jim Buss is doing more for the popularity of the Clippers than Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combined!

Steve Hageman

Seal Beach


If the Lakers' story is compared to "The Godfather," you could say Don Corleone chose Fredo to be in charge of the family business instead of Michael.

Bill Consolo

El Segundo

Bruin blame

I never thought I'd see the day I dreaded watching UCLA basketball on national TV. I have been a fan since the early '60s, and even the weakest Bruins teams since that time always gave the fans a hope on every game. Watching this clueless coach lose to one of the worst teams in the Big East, St John's, was simply painful. It's long overdue for the L.A. sports media to hold Ben Howland accountable. He has stocked the NBA, UNLV, New Mexico and BYU with offensive star players while his current team can't find the basket with a GPS.

Alan Segal

San Diego


As a Bruins fan for over 40 years I have never understood the fierce allegiance Ben Howland has with many UCLA fans. In truth, Ben has had three great seasons along with six mediocre-to-poor ones. UCLA has had three losing basketball seasons since 1949, the Howland era has produced two of them.

Think about it: Not even Walt Hazzard suffered a losing year.

I believe Howland should get one more year with the coming recruiting class, and the new Pauley. If his team falls short next season he should be sent packing.

Daniel Michael

Naperville, Ill.


In a few weeks, the Mountain West Conference will announce the league's player of the year and the winner will be either Mike Moser of UNLV or Drew Gordon of New Mexico. Is it true the conference is thinking of changing the award's name to the Ben Howland Memorial?

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village


If Steve Lavin can beat the Bruins from the bleacher seats, isn't it time he came home to Westwood?

Jeff Black

Beverly Hills

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