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Letters: What's happening with the Lakers?

Kobe and Magic are speaking up, but is Jim Buss listening?

February 24, 2012


Bill Plaschke's article on Jeremy Lin has merit, however it does not speak for all Americans. I, for one, have always viewed Asian Americans as intelligent, industrious and self-sufficient people. The latter cannot be said about many in our society today. Shame on "Saturday Night Live," which ceased to be cleverly funny a long time ago.

Robert Dourian



What a surprise! Plaschke takes a great story like Jeremy Lin and finds the way to ruin it with his gross overgeneralizations about how racist we all are. Plaschke's politically correct schtick is growing old. The sports page, for many of us, is an escape, but there's always Plaschke to throw a wet towel on the party and remind us all how crappy the world is. Wouldn't it be Linfinitely better, Bill, to focus on the positive aspects of this incredible story?

Stephen Beck



The Jeremy Lin phenomena is noteworthy not only as an inspirational sports story, but for how it has opened dialogues on so many subjects that need to be discussed. It is a good thing that Bill Plaschke was able to take time from his budding acting career to shed light on some of them.

John Chang



I agree that some in the media have shown racial insensitivity regarding the remarkable Jeremy Lin story, including the offensive ESPN headline. But it pales in comparison to the name of the NFL team in our nation's capital, where the name itself is derogatory and is nonetheless splashed across newspaper headlines (including the L.A. Times) every NFL season.

Lee Dresie

Culver City

A lot of McCourt

MLB allows McCourt to buy the Dodgers with borrowed money: strike one.

MLB allows McCourt to put the parking lot into a separate corporation: strike two.

MLB may allow the sale without the parking lot: strike three.

If there's a buyer dumb enough to pay $1.5 billion or more without the parking lot, I can't imagine the decisions they will make in running the team.

Three strikes and I'm out!

Larry Frank

Sherman Oaks


With Rick Caruso and Joe Torre the latest to drop out of the bidding process for the Dodgers, wouldn't it be nice if all the rest of the groups would also drop out until after Frank McCourt is forced to cough up the millions he owes his ex-wife, or until Frank puts the parking lots back on the table? It would serve him right if his own greed was his total downfall.

Ellie Doud

Sherman Oaks


As a near lifetime Angels fan, I must disagree with the contradictory results of the Marketing Arm survey in favor of my own contradictory opinion. The Angels are not more popular than the Dodgers. Never have been, never will be. Better in virtually every way? Obviously.

Having said that, the only explanation I can find for the internally locked down Dodger Stadium winning out over the open and accessible Angel Stadium in popularity is that an inordinate number of police officers responded to the survey. It's either that or the palm trees.

Ron Reeve


Way to go, Joe

Having gone to high school and graduated with Joe Gibbs in Santa Fe Springs, I remember getting pumped up for football games from the rallies on campus prior to game time where Joe was, of course, the quarterback. Flash to present where Joe apparently just gave Joey Logano, one of his three drivers, a pep talk prior to the start of the NASCAR season. Said Joe to Joey, "We got to pick it up," so I'm guessing that Logano should have a fairly successful NASCAR start for this season. Hey, how can you disappoint your boss who has won three Super Bowls, was quarterback of his high school football team, was voted most popular in his senior year and, oh yeah, and married the cheerleader?

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach

Life on Riviera

There is a lot of love for Phil Mickelson, some coming for those who felt jilted from the love affair with Tiger. Great family man, Phil. But those of us in medicine are especially proud of this great golfer. He is the poster guy for rheumatology, where his responsiveness to biologic agents in the management of his psoriatic arthritis should offer great encouragement and hope for others with inflammatory arthritis. In view of this, and the stresses inherent with his wife's breast cancer, his accomplishments are truly remarkable.

Stan Alexander, M.D., FACR

Director, Arthritis Medical Clinic of San Gabriel Valley



A playoff participant in last weekend's tournament at Riviera spits, cocks his head, comically sizes up his lie with his left eye, then addresses and walks away from his ball a dozen times. Keegan Bradley? No, it had to be his identical twin Rowan Atkinson, better known as "Mr. Bean."

Charles L. Zetterberg


Last words on Kings

The way the local hockey teams have been playing, the Kings better buy Aflac, because they are going to be behind the ducks again.

Bruce N. Miller

Playa del Rey


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