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With Iowa upset in sight, Ron Paul battles skeptics

January 01, 2012|By James Oliphant

“If a fault comes with people because of their personal behavior — in a free society, people do dumb things — but it isn't to be placed on a burden on other people, innocent people, why should they have to pay for the consequences? I'd say a sort of a nationalistic or socialistic attitude,” Paul said. “But in a free society, people are allowed to act the way they, but they are responsible for their actions.”

Wallace went on to ask whether Paul believed in sexual harassment laws in the workplace and Paul made a clear distinction between a physical assault, against which the government should protect citizens, and “rude behavior.”

“So, you have to separate those two out. But because people are insulted by, you know, rude behavior, I don't think we should make a federal case out of it. I don't think we need federal laws to deal with that and people should deal with that at home,” he said.

Finally, Paul was quizzed about his record in the House. Critics such as Santorum have seized on Paul’s lack of legislative accomplishments to paint him as ineffective.

“The American people are sick and tired of Washington and the people who have been in charge have been passing all these bills and I've been voting no all of the time and vote no on these appropriation bills. So, I am the individual that has pointed out this,” Paul said. “So, of course, why would they pass my laws? I wanted to stop this a long time ago. That's why I went to Washington for.

“But the tide has changed,” he said. “Now, the opportunity is there. And now, I'm a serious contender.”

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