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Letters: Don't trip over Clippers hype

It's early, but people might be getting way too excited.

January 06, 2012
  • Point guard Chris Paul is part of a revamped Clippers roster that has fans buzzing about the playoffs and more.
Point guard Chris Paul is part of a revamped Clippers roster that has fans… (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles…)

Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith are good announcers for the Clippers. But as far as promoters and sales pitchmen, this is getting embarrassing, almost like carnival barkers.

Just because of an infusion of talent, they sound like giddy kids at Christmas when the Clippers are leading, and then retreat to explaining away, making excuses that this team is still the top such and such, while the same old Clips slowly lose another game; from hype to denial in 10 seconds.

I want this team to be good, but the pregame and postgame sales pitches, well, I'm turning the volume off until this unabashedly biased, unfounded promotional business goes away.

Michael Brown



As for the recent rumblings about who owns this metropolis, I, for one, will take Ring City over Lob City all dynasty long.

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


I am relieved to know that all will be well in the Lakers basketball world this new year since Bill Plaschke has given his personal approval and now likes Mike Brown as Lakers coach.

I am sure that Coach Brown, the Lakers organization and Lakers fans everywhere are relieved as well.

Mario Palladini



T.J. Simers on Wednesday devotes a column to pointing out how Brown has no strategy other than to kowtow to Kobe Bryant. "Here's the thing ...," he says, and then launches into what's wrong with Brown's approach.

Here's the thing: That strategy may have only one thing going for it: It seems to win games. A trifling advantage. It reminds me of Simers' strategy of mean-spirited gadfly and obnoxious tailing of sports figures, which incomprehensibly continues to land him the most prestigious locations on The Times' Sports pages. T.J. should celebrate a kindred spirit.

Bob Burket

Santa Monica


Time for Kobe to defer to Bynum. Instead of trying to dribble through two to three defenders with nearly double-digit turnovers, and demanding the ball from his teammates resulting in more turnovers, he must pass more, and move without the ball. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Mike Brown has the stature to force this clearly needed change. Kobe's shooting percentage would go up, turnovers down, and the game would be simpler.

Mark Torbiner

Beverly Hills


We Lakers fans have a new coach and staff, several new players, and new play-by-play and courtside announcers. Why do we have to tolerate the old "Master of the Obvious" Stu Lantz? Many of his astute observations about the game of basketball were learned by many of us when we joined our first team in junior high school. May we have a new announcer with a fresh understanding of the NBA instead of the throwback to those days long gone by.

Dale Stroup

Huntington Beach


It should be remembered, for all the talent acquired by the Miami Heat last season, it took almost half that season for the Heat to truly start playing as a team and living up to all the preseason hype.

When the Clippers start playing as a team and not a group of individuals and play as tough on defense as on offense this should be a very good team.

Michael Solomon

Canoga Park


Somehow, I think Andrew Bynum's parking in handicapped spots is the ultimate three-second violation of the rules of life.

John Hendry

Van Nuys


Attention: NBA commissioner's office:

Philadelphia, Memphis and New Orleans have agreed on a trade involving two players and draft picks. Mother may I, David Stern?

Wayne Muramatsu


Bowl reviews

Reading post-Fight Hunger Bowl comments by UCLA's Kevin Prince is like listening to a broken record. After every UCLA loss, Prince or somebody else makes the inevitable rationalization: Do we want to win? Are our facilities subpar? Do we lack self-discipline or mental toughness?

Funny how we never hear any comments about player quality, because the cold, hard facts for the UCLA football team, and especially for Prince, are that the current group of players simply do not have the talent to compete effectively at the major college level. Unfortunate, but true!

Kevin, Coach Mora, are you reading this?

Lawrence M. Kates

Los Angeles


With LaMichael James, De'Anthony Thomas, and Darron Thomas leading the Oregon Ducks, I'd call it the LaDeDa offense.

David Wilczynski

Manhattan Beach


As a Badger who attended the Rose Bowl game, let me congratulate Oregon for their win. However, the much-hyped Darth Vader uniforms were more like Hollywood background as the dark green merged with the playing field, and all one mostly caught in the Southern California sun was a blip of light that bounced off the top of the helmets.

Wisconsin players, on the other hand, in their simple and refreshingly collegiate white uniforms, were standouts, as was the University of Wisconsin marching band.

Mary Kay Gordon

Santa Monica


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