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Axe rolls out new body spray -- for women

January 10, 2012|By Shan Li
  • Anarchy graphic novel released by Axe for its new Anarchy line
Anarchy graphic novel released by Axe for its new Anarchy line (Axe )

Finally, something for the ladies?

The Axe brand from Unilever, which made a name for itself with risque ads featuring women chasing men who doused themselves with its body spray, is rolling out a fragrance for women.

The Anarchy line has his and her versions, and will hit store shelves accompanied by a slew of suggestive commercials that imply pursuit goes both ways (as long as you smell nice).

In one TV spot, a female cop chases a masked jewelry thief down alleyways while both shed  clothing during the pursuit. At the end, the cop has unclipped her gun belt, and the robber has thrown away his loot. They stare at each other, chests heaving, and move to kiss.

"Nothing will ever be the same again," the ad concludes. "Anarchy is coming."

Axe is also rolling out an Anarchy graphic novel on Youtube and Facebook updated every few days with user-submitted ideas and poll votes. Designed by comic company Aspen Comics, the comic may also bring fans directly into the story.

Barret Roberts, senior brand manager for Axe, said that the Anarchy line represents "a new evolution" of the brand.

"We know guys love the smell of Axe and the confidence it gives them, and our success is, in part, due to the way girls have also embraced the brand," Roberts said in a statement.


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