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Tim Tebow is a nice guy but his time is up for this season

After season-ending loss to Patriots, now what? Will Denver stick with the wildly popular quarterback who appears incapable of running a conventional offense?

January 14, 2012|T.J. Simers
  • Denver quarterback Tim Tebow had a rough night Saturday as the Denver Broncos' season came to an end with a 45-10 loss to the New England Patriots.
Denver quarterback Tim Tebow had a rough night Saturday as the Denver Broncos'… (Jim Rogash / Getty Images )

It's Saturday night, so much hype and anticipation, and if Tebow wins, the daughter is going to get a Fathead.

You know, a $99.99 wall sticker, 4 feet 5 inches wide, 4 feet 8 inches tall, of Tebow tebowing.

It's cheaper than getting a Tebow autograph and a whole lot less embarrassing for Dad. The autograph goes for $160, a pair of Cincinnati media people getting tossed out of the locker room after asking for Tebow's autograph.

Consider the hoopla already. reported that ESPN made mention of Tebow 160 times in an hourlong SportsCenter last week. What happens if he bests Tom Brady?

They've got folks now comparing Tebowmania to Tigermania, for some reason everyone forgetting Mannymania.

The thing about mania, it seems to go away in time and, if you've seen Tebow throw the ball, possibly overnight.

So why not enjoy it while it lasts?

Besides his accuracy as a passer, what's not to like about the guy? He appeared on "The Biggest Loser," and after Denver lost its final three regular-season games that had to be hitting a little close to home.

Yet we talk all the time about what we want in our athletes, and here he is. Before playing New England, Tebow was going to throw a pass to Zach McLeod, a youngster who suffered a head injury a few years back playing football. I know what you're thinking -- his way of at least completing one pass for the night.

The kid has the left part of his skull embedded in his abdomen to keep it alive in the event it can be reattached to his head. Doctors expected Tebow to be stillborn and recommended he be aborted. He knows something about giving folks hope.

According to a story written by ESPN's Rick Reilly, Tebow has been doing these meetings with the unfortunate before and after each game this season -- home or away.

You almost have to root for him to win just to give him the chance to meet someone else who needs a lift next week.

Sure, the Lakers and Clippers are playing, and will face each other two more times before the playoffs.

But it's Tebow Time, and there's nothing like the thrill of maybe witnessing the impossible, which is also why I never miss a UCLA-USC football game.

The oddsmakers, and anyone else who knows anything about football, give Tebow no chance against the Patriots. On top of that, there's the Jimmy Fallon song, Tebowie as David Bowie:

"This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow. Please leave me alone. I'm sick of watching all these Broncos games. I hear that you play New England. Dude, you're on your own. Brady is too good and I have better things to do."

Stranger things have happened: I've gone to a Kings game this season as a fan.

And how about Tebow? His favorite Bible verse is John 3:16, so last week he throws for 316 yards with an average completion of 31.6 yards.

More than that, how about the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh? With Alex Smith at quarterback, Harbaugh is as big a miracle worker this season as Tebow.

No reason now why any kid can't grow up to be a quarterback in the NFL. Or, as Tebow says on his website, "I've lived my life by this quote since I was six years old: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

But what happens when talent works really hard? A pregame TV broadcaster noted how hard Brady worked in Friday's practice for this game.

Make it 7-0 in favor of a talented Brady before the game is 2 minutes old. Tebow fumbles; what a fathead.

Make it 14-0 Brady, eight for eight throwing the ball so far. I guess it's not enough that Brady already has a hot model for a wife and three Super Bowl rings.

I guess he also wants to be the most popular athlete in the nation as well.

Nothing kills Tebowmania like an offense on the other side of the field that can score, and a defensive coordinator who has only three pass rushers going after Brady.

Didn't anyone on Denver's coaching staff ask John Elway what he thought about playing against a three-man rush?

It is now 21-7 Brady, 28-7 Brady, 35-7 Brady, and that's five touchdown passes for Brady, or almost a career for Tebow. But it is true Tebow can't rally in the fourth quarter if his team is winning.

"So sad," the daughter says. "No mercy rule in the NFL, huh?"

If so, Norv Turner would no longer be a head coach opening himself to almost weekly criticism.

It's 42-7, Brady, just into the third quarter, and there's some shoe commercial with Kobe on TV telling everyone how successful he is. At his best moment, I don't think we would ever see Tebow in such a light.

Someone is going to email to say Kobe has earned the right to strut. I'm betting Kobe won't sign his real name.

Winning allows an athlete to be almost anything he wants. In Tebow's case, winning carried the argument in his favor whether he is a good quarterback or not.

But now what? Does Denver stick with the popular athlete who appears incapable of running a conventional offense? Or, have four losses in his last five games now made him the nicest guy to ever carry a clipboard on an NFL sideline?

Whatever, it's been the reason why watching sports is so much fun -- the bonus here a good guy doing the best he can, as every kid is taught.

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