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Letters to the editor

Limiting public comment time at L.A. Board of Supervisors meetings; President Obama's State of the Union speech; a Marine's trial over killings in Iraq

January 26, 2012

How about mentioning the earned income tax credit, which "refunds" unpaid taxes to the poor — taxes paid by others (likely the wealthy)? That would be honest journalism.

Anthony Maenza


Keeping Mit Romney's income tax rate no higher than 15% is necessary to help him create jobs, according to some economics experts. It doesn't seem to be working.

Perhaps if we lowered the tax rate to zero for Romney and his rich friends, they would start creating some jobs.

Al Barrett

Santa Monica

Life and death

Re "Love, disease and a killing," Column, Jan. 22

I understand and identify with Sandy Garfinkel, who killed his terminally ill wife.

My husband of more than 57 years died at age 84. For more than 20 years I watched his decline from a brilliant college professor to a helpless man needing to be fed. Countless times he said to me, "The sooner the better," or, "You'll be better off when I am gone." That was no life for him or for our family.

Fortunately, I was able to afford caregivers, 43 in all, and mental help for myself, which made it tolerable for us. Far too many are unable to get this kind of support.

I understand the concern about taking a life, even a failing one, but I strongly support the right of families and doctors to provide for assisted suicide. A life is not being prolonged, only an existence.

Barbara A. Samuels

Woodland Hills

Food fight

Re "McDonald's plan divides a health-oriented town," Jan. 22

Kudos to the Loma Linda City Council for voting to approve construction of a new McDonald's restaurant a block from City Hall in spite of noisy and threatening opposition from the Healthy Loma Linda Coalition. The approval process for building permits is not to be used to control citizens' diets.

Mayor Rhodes Rigsby, a medical doctor, is right: It is the duty of local government to maintain public health and safety and to preserve the individual rights of Loma Linda's residents.

David Igler

Loma Linda

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