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How instant replay is used in other sports

A sport-by-sport look at the rules governing how or when instant replay is utilized.

January 27, 2012|By David Wharton
  • Giants Coach Tom Coughlin throws a red flag as he challenges a ruling in the third quarter of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Coughlin's challenge was successful when the Eagles' play was ruled an illegal forward pass.
Giants Coach Tom Coughlin throws a red flag as he challenges a ruling in the… (Mel Evans / Associated Press )

Instant replay in major sports:

NCAA football: Replay officials in the press box can review all plays and make final decisions. Coaches have a limited number of challenges.

NBA: Officiating crew can use courtside monitors in limited situations, including last-second and three-point shots.

Major League Baseball: Umpires leave the field to review disputed home runs. Beginning this season, fan interference and trapped balls can be reviewed.

NHL: Goal/no goal calls are reviewed by an on-site video goal judge and by officials in a Toronto "situation room."

Tennis: The Hawk-Eye computerized system is widely used at top-tier events. Players can challenge a limited number of line calls per set.

Soccer: FIFA is considering use of Hawk-Eye technology for reviewing goals. The English Premier League, Major League Soccer and others await approval.

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