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Arizona: Oatman's hot enough to fry an egg, or is it?

July 02, 2012|By Mary Forgione | Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
  • Contestants participate in the Sidewalk Egg Fry in Oatman, Ariz., held on the Fourth of July.
Contestants participate in the Sidewalk Egg Fry in Oatman, Ariz., held… (Oatman Chamber of Commerce )

It's more than 100 degrees in Oatman, Ariz., these days, but is it hot enough to fry an egg?

For the past 21 years, the tiny ghost town east of Bulhead City on historic Route 66 has been inviting visitors and locals to find out during its annual Sidewalk Egg Fry at high noon on the Fourth of July.

"This year it should be a cool 108 to 110, presuming we don't get an overcast [day]" event coordinator Fred Eck said in an email.

The egg-frying rules are pretty explicit about the heat source: No fires or blow torches allowed. Here are things that are allowed: solar devices, mirrors, foil and  anything else that will help use the sun's energy to fry an egg in the allotted 15 minutes.

The Oatman Chamber of Commerce provides the eggs (no pre-cooking allowed), no breaking the yolks and no feeding eggs to the wild burros in the area (good to know). Prizes are awarded for best costume and cooking device as well as the best looking egg.

If you're heading toward or through Oatman, head for the north end of town near the post office to catch the fry-a-thon. Check out additional information.

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