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Letters: Ahoy, development in San Pedro

July 03, 2012
  • Officials hope to renovate Ports O' Call Village, but some locals fear it will lose its eclectic charm.
Officials hope to renovate Ports O' Call Village, but some locals… (Michael Robinson Chavez…)

Re "Getting shipshape: San Pedro hopes to lure throngs of visitors with new LA Waterfront project," July 1

What about the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, the family attraction, and the adjacent coastal park on the edge of San Pedro?

The historic center provides recreation for the community and a natural, interactive approach to learning about the local marine environment.

Visitors can see the extensive collection of Southern California marine life and the coastal park includes walking trails to tide pools, beaches and a salt marsh.

David Campbell
Los Angeles

I hope the San Pedro waterfront improvements will drive out the lower-class (illegal?) immigrants.

I have never considered myself bigoted, but as a 40-some-year resident here, Pacific Avenue in downtown San Pedro looks like a slum -- with the exception of a few restored buildings inhabited by high-quality businesses.

Gail Noon
San Pedro


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