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Late Night: No, Kyra Sedgwick doesn't want to kill Bernie Madoff

July 04, 2012|By Meredith Blake

Even though Kyra Sedgwick and her husband Kevin Bacon were among the hundreds of investors swindled by Bernie Madoff, on Tuesday night she told CNN’s Piers Morgan that she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings toward the Ponzi schemer.

However, that doesn’t mean she was eager to discuss the subject.

“God, are we still on that, is that still a topic of interest?” the actress, who was promoting the upcoming final season of her long-running drama, “The Closer,” asked wearily in response to a question about Madoff.

“Make this quick and brutal, just take this down and we can move on,” Morgan prodded, but Sedgwick stubbornly insisted on maintaining the high road.

“You so want that, but I see him as a sick man and I see us as adults who made a choice, and I see a lot of people that are so much worse off than we are,” she said. “And I think that [stuff] happens.”

Apparently desperate for a little vitriol, Morgan proposed a fantasy scenario: If Sedgwick had a gun with one bullet and saw Madoff walking down the street, would she pull the trigger?

“No, he has a horrible life at this point,” she insisted.

"You're a nicer person than me," replied Morgan, barely able to disguise his disappointment. 


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