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'MasterChef,' 'Hell's Kitchen' recaps: Get Graham Elliot a cape, too

July 04, 2012|By Rene Lynch
  • More Graham Elliot!
More Graham Elliot! (Fox )

Can someone please get Graham Elliot another cooking show? We were treated to just a taste of what Elliot can do on "MasterChef" when he was transformed, a la Superman, into one of the competitors facing the mystery box challenge. (That is, if Superman wore chunky white glasses instead of those nerdy black frames, and were a little more, um, barrel chested.)

Only problem? That "taste" was more of an amuse bouche -- how about a multi-course dinner? Seriously: More cooking instruction by the judges, please! 

Tanya Noble and Cowboy Mike Hill were sent packing following a series of stumbling blocks put in place by Becky Reams' brilliant, strategic thinking: Force the rest of the competitors to use a baking stone to prepare their dishes. In just 60 minutes. In other words, if you didn't have a quick bread recipe in your back pocket, you were sunk.

However, the clever throw down only succeeded in taking out those competitors who were already on their way out.

Front-runner Christine Ha, meanwhile, used her stone to make an Indian flatbread. But it was Monti Carlo who had the single-most clever interpretation. She used her stone to make soup. That's right, soup. She roasted carrots and then pureed them into a bowl of magic that had Joe "death stare" Bastianich swooning. (Let's pause for a moment to reflect on the fact that her name is Monti Carlo, and apparently her son's name is Danger.)

As we reach the final nine, there's little fat to lose. Well, other than David Martinez and Tali Clavijo. Those two have to be the next to go, right. But after that, the trims will be painful.

Care to place your bets?

Asked by chef Gordon Ramsay to predict a winner, the departing Cowboy Mike predicted: "Without a doubt chef, this woman cooks better with no sight than all we do with vision, so I'm saying Christine."

Over on "Hell's Kitchen," there was more mayhem as Kimmie Willis and Robyn Almodovar almost came to blows as Robyn got up in Kimmie's grill, so to speak. From BFFs to arch rivals, just like that.

Both women seem to be completely unaware that this is a job audition. And it's hard to imagine that anyone would put such unstable personalities in a head chef's role. Can't wait to see what happens to Robyn on the men's team: Will she continue to be a problem, or will we find that it was Kimmie after all?

Do you think this week's episode set a prime-time record for most bleeps and B-words tossed around in a single episode? If only we'd thought of a drinking game in advance. That would have been one way to kick off the 4th of July holiday…

Did you notice something else unusual this week? Barbie Marshall is emerging from the loony bin. In the beginning of the season, she came across like a trouble-making crackpot. (That waking up episode didn't help, and she can't blame that one on crafty editing.)

This week, though, she's calling it right, especially when it comes to Tiffany Johnson, who just seems plain tired to be there. The night's dinner service started with 11 chefs in the kitchen, and ended up with three. Among those tossed out: The Rolls-Royce of Steaks. (Seriously, how immature is that guy??)

In the end, Patrick Cassata went home. I admit getting choked up a bit during the episode when he was asking for his family's strength to see him through. You have to say this much for him: He probably wanted it more than everyone else, combined.


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