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Kodak Gallery guests might not find photos on Shutterfly

July 05, 2012|By Michelle Maltais
  • Transferring photos is often a tricky task. How about 5 billion? That's how many Shutterfly is moving from Kodak Gallery starting Monday.
Transferring photos is often a tricky task. How about 5 billion? That's… (Shutterfly )

If you tried to get your photos on the Kodak Gallery site recently, you may have noticed that the doors are locked and the lights are out there.

Some of our readers have asked about how to find their photos, now that they're moving to Shutterfly. Essentially, if you had an account on Kodak Gallery, your photos are in transit.

Members who used the service most will get priority in the move, with their photos landing in the next few weeks. Photos of members who used the service less will take a few months to move, Shutterfly said.

But what if you were a perpetual guest on the site, choosing not to establish an account? Can you reconnect with the photos you had on Kodak Gallery?

Unfortunately, no account means there's no traceable connection. So if you never created a Kodak account, then Shutterfly won't have anything to transfer.

All might not be lost, however. If the photos you were viewing on Kodak Gallery were part of a group site "owned" by someone who didn't opt out of the move, Shutterfly said that all the photos on the "My Albums" and "Group Albums" tabs in their Kodak Gallery account when it closed will be moved to Shutterfly.  

Check here for details on how to get your photos on Shutterfly.


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