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Burger Records saves kitten, gets Ryan Adams song for benefit tape

July 05, 2012|By August Brown
  • The Fullerton label has a new cassette compilation to benefit this injured kitten, featuring unreleased Ryan Adams and Crystal Antlers music, among other artists.
The Fullerton label has a new cassette compilation to benefit this injured… (Burger Records )

Finally, an excuse to post some adorable cat photos on Pop & Hiss. The story of this little fuzzball comes to us from the Fullerton garage-punk label Burger Records, which found her severely hurt and walking on the freeway during rush hour. The staff rescued her and paid for $2,200 worth of surgery, including pins in her knee and pelvis. 

To help offset the costs, the label corralled 50 acts to contribute unreleased music to a two-cassette benefit compilation, "The Kitty Comp." Burger, being one of the most influential underground labels in Southern California, got some worthy tracks for the effort, including an unreleased Ryan Adams single,  "Dynasty of Troll Loch Ming." Crystal Antlers, Audacity, Devon Williams and Summer Twins are among the locals that gave singles to the effort, which Burger pressed in a limited edition of 500. The comp sells for $10, and all proceeds beyond the cost of the kitten's surgery will go to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The little lady couldn't have been luckier in who found her -- Adams devoted about 15 minutes of his recent Disney Hall set to an improvised piano ballad about his own cat, and we're thrilled the Burger store has a new in-house mascot.


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