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Twitter adds improved search features

July 06, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Twitter introduced new functions to its search bar Friday.
Twitter introduced new functions to its search bar Friday. (Twitter )

Twitter introduced new features for its search bar Friday. None of the features are innovative, but they will make finding things on Twitter a lot easier.

Among the new features are search auto-complete, results from people you follow, and results for people's real names as well as their user names.

The most useful of the bunch could be search auto-complete. This function, long available on Google, will present Twitter users with suggestions for what or who they're searching for.

This is "especially useful if you’re trying to follow the hashtag for an event or you’re looking for a certain Twitter account," said Twitter's Frost Li in a blog post announcing the new features. 

Also new are results from people you follow. Within a search, users can break away from the overall results into a category of just the people in their network with a click on that view.

Also helpful will be results for searches both of people's names and their Twitter handles. The example the company used was basketball player Jeremy Lin. If you search his name or "@jlin7," you'll get his results either way.

The company also used the opportunity to promote other search features it added in May. They include spelling correction and related search suggestions, which directs users to other terms if the topic  searched for is being discussed more heavily under a different hashtag or phrase.


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