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Letters: Stealing history in the Sierra

July 06, 2012

Re "They told it on the mountains," Column One, July 3

I too have hiked and climbed Sierra Nevada peaks and seen and signed those registers atop the summits.

Hopefully the registers at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library, which contain the signatures of legendary naturalists such as John Muir, can be copied digitally or to paper and then be returned to the summit for others to peruse and sign. Hopefully, all the registers can be preserved in this manner.

It is sad that anyone would steal such registers.

Christian Vance

Desert Edge, Calif.

As one who loves the Sierra and has completed the John Muir Trail and hiked Mt. Whitney several times, this story touched a sinew deep within, and I lament that the underbelly of our civilization has systematically pillaged our most sacred peaks.

Jim Walters



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