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Spider-Man versus Batman: Who's worth more?

July 09, 2012|By Walter Hamilton
  • Andrew Garfield in "The Amazing Spider-Man."
Andrew Garfield in "The Amazing Spider-Man." (Jaimie Trueblood / Columbia…)

For proof of income inequality in America, look no further than the take-home pay of Batman and Spider-Man.

Bruce Wayne is a 1 percenter, with an estimated annual income of $102 million. And that excludes the potential extra riches to be had from stock options.

Spider-Man, by contrast, can’t afford a Batmobile. He’s clinging to a modest $50,000-a-year salary – barely enough to cover his tuition at New York University.

The figures come courtesy of a blogger at H&R Block and appear to have as much – or as little – basis in reality as the comic strips themselves.

Still, the comparative financial standing of the two superheroes makes for interesting debate. Regardless of one’s views on the relative value and powers of the two, it seems unfair that Batman would out-earn Peter Parker by such a large degree.

Consider that the total grosses of the movie franchises that the two superheroes have spawned are nearly identical - $2.6 billion for Batman versus $2.5 billion for Spider-Man, according to H&R Block.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” racked up $140 million in domestic ticket sales in its first six days. “The Dark Knight Rises,” which opens later this month, is expected to be a blockbuster.


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