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Late Night: Kelly Ripa says Seth Meyers is not a morning person

July 11, 2012|By Meredith Blake

Seth Meyers is not cut out for morning television — just ask Kelly Ripa.

In an appearance on “Late Night” Tuesday, the terminally chipper blond took a few good-natured hits at "SNL" star Meyers, who currently is serving a weeklong stint as co-host but has emphatically denied reports that he will be taking over for the recently retired Regis Philbin.

Jimmy Fallon asked Ripa about who’s being considered for the job, but she pleaded ignorance. "Everyone assumes I have the inside track, but I am just a hired employee," she said.

Fallon voiced his support for Meyers but also wondered how his former "SNL" colleague was handling an a.m. gig.  Ripa joked that it hasn’t come easily to the "Weekend Update" anchor. “When you see Seth Meyers in the morning, it is like looking at a vampire.”

She explained that Meyers, an 11-year veteran of “SNL,” has had “a high-school schedule his entire grown-up life”: summers off, with long breaks in the winter and spring.

“You feel like a kid when you’re on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Fallon agreed.

No wonder Meyers sounds so reluctant to give up his day — or is it night? — job.


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