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New Dodgers owners a tad eager in self-congratulation department

July 11, 2012|By Steve Dilbeck
  • Dodgers President Stan Kasten, right, greets fans at Dodger Stadium on May 7 before the team's first home game under new ownership.
Dodgers President Stan Kasten, right, greets fans at Dodger Stadium on… (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles…)

Now that didn’t take long, did it?

The Dodgers’ new owners have been at the helm for 2½ months and already have declared everything is peachy. OK, maybe not everything, but in a letter from team president/co-owner Stan Kasten to fans he did declare: “Dodger pride is back.”

Of course, that pride took a humongous step forward with the simple exit of Frank McCourt. Or as it turned out, the almost complete exit of McCourt.

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The new owners could have been the offspring of Georgia Frontiere and Al Davis, and they would have had roses thrown at their feet.

But then you put together a group of reportedly wealthy dudes and slap Magic Johnson’s smiling face on it, and the reception tends to warm up.

Even when they got off to a less than inspiring start by allowing McCourt to retain a half interest in the stadium parking lots and then lying about his making any money from it.

In his Wednesday letter, Kasten lists ownership’s claim of early accomplishments – lowering parking back to $10, making players more accessible to autographs, more aggressively signing international players, and with the new Andre Ethier contract, demonstrating the “resources to assure the Dodgers are contenders year in and year out.”

We’ll see about that latter claim, of course. Seems like a lot of back slapping for a group that has been around for less than three months. They’re a little eager in the self-congratulation department.

The Southern California community, fans and media don’t have to prove themselves. With the great and reasonable exception of last season, the fans have been pretty much deliriously loyal to the team for 50 years.

They have nothing to prove, the new owners do. They’re the ones being watched and judged. And that review is going to take a lot longer than six weeks.


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