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Letters: Settlements and the path to peace

July 12, 2012

Re "Panel urges legalization of West Bank outposts," July 10

The Israeli advisory panel is out of touch, even with the "only Jews count" view of many Israeli leaders. But it serves to illustrate how different values are between the United States and Israel.

It is not that there are no racists in America; it is just that their views are so far out of the mainstream that they would never be appointed to serve on a national panel.

This demonstrates again that Israel may be an ally, but Americans and Israelis do not share a dedication to democracy.

Jeff Warner

La Habra Heights

The Times reports that new Israeli settlements may deal another blow to the peace process.

Here's another obstacle not mentioned: hundreds of rockets fired by Palestinians this year at innocent Israeli civilians.

Ted Raimi

Toluca Lake


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