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Letters: Tax the rich is just a slogan

July 12, 2012

Re "Obama draws line in tax debate," July 10

The article states that over the next decade, $800 billion could be realized by raising tax rates on the top 2% of taxpayers. That's $80 billion a year. Given what Washington spends in a single day, the president's proposed tax hike on the rich would pay for a few weeks of federal expenditures per year.

Does the president want to win the election or fix the economy? This "tax debate" is not about fair taxes; it's about votes.

Andy Steben


Mitt Romney and the congressional Republicans use the "job creators" excuse as a reason not to raise marginal taxes on those earning in excess of $200,000 or $250,000. The tax breaks were implemented during theGeorge W. Bush administration. So where are the jobs ?

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills


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