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Letters: Sports for all -- women included

July 13, 2012

Re "For many women, sports are sideshow," July 10

As John McEnroe famously said, "You cannot be serious." A study of 19 subjects concluded that women watch sports merely as a way to connect with their husbands? Oh, those poor passive dears with no control of the remote and nothing better to do.

I'll have to run this by my friend Kim, with whom I owned season tickets to the Kings for seven years and who got up at the crack of dawn to watch the finals of Wimbledon. Or Mary, whose Sunday worship of the Packers rivals my own for the Patriots. My morning Tour de France ritual is of scant interest to my husband, but we did watch golf all afternoon last Sunday — and he didn't have to talk me into it.

This "study" just contributes to the current national trend of infantilizing women.

T.J. Brown

Marina del Rey


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