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Kid tries to make off with Troy Matteson's golf ball [Video]

July 16, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

If Troy Matteson was a baseball player, it wouldn't have been a big deal -- he hits a ball into the stands and some lucky person goes home with a souvenir.

But Matteson is a professional golfer and when their balls go astray, it's hands off or else!

Someone probably should have passed on this information to a now-infamous kid before he pounced on the ball Matteson hit into the crowd on the 18th hole Sunday afternoon. From the looks of the video, several people informed the lad immediately after he committed the sin of all sins on the PGA Tour.

The little whippersnapper then pulls the classic move of dropping the ball behind his back, then moseying away while rubbing his hands together, trying to act like nothing happened.

Matteson, who was tied for the lead with Zach Johnson at the time, got to drop the ball nearest to where it landed and ended up making par to force a sudden-death playoff. Whew! Crisis averted.

Johnson ended up winning the playoff on the second hole, but Matteson secured a spot at this week's British Open with his top-five finish. And the boy probably went home slightly embarrassed but a better person after learning a valuable lesson.

A happy ending for all involved!


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