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Song parodies help Knicks fans deal with Jeremy Lin loss

July 18, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • Former Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin quickly became a fan favorite at Madison Square Garden.
Former Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin quickly became a fan favorite at Madison… (Andrew Gombert / EPA )

Jeremy Lin is no longer a member of the New York Knicks. James Dolan  is still the owner of the team.

Those facts had plenty of Knicks fans pretty upset on Tuesday, when the organization failed to match the Houston Rockets' three-year offer worth about $25 million for the wildly popular restricted free agent.

In addition to taking out their frustration in the usual way (on Twitter, naturally), a couple of fans are expressing themselves musically -- well, actually, in song parodies ... or in one person's case, song title parodies.

A video (with some strong language) that's making the rounds on the Internet on Wednesday morning is "Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know," posted on YouTube by NOC. Of course, it's a takeoff on Gotye's ubiquitous hit, "Somebody That I Used To Know," and it's actually pretty clever.

The best line, sung to the beginning of the chorus: "Why'd you have to sign so high? Said the Knicks would match it like you never even met James Dolan."

Another disgruntled fan took to the Wikipedia page of Dolan's blues band, JD & The Straight Shot, and changed the names of several songs to reflect his or her feelings about the Lin situation. The titles have since been corrected, but USA Today posted several of the attempts at humor:

"There's Something Wrong With How I Handled Lin's Free Agency" (real title, "There's Something Wrong");

"Train's A-Coming To Take Away Lin" (real title, "Train's A-Coming");

"Gonna Kill That Dog, and the New York Knicks" (real title, "Gonna Kill That Dog");

"Lin-Losin' " (best guess on this one is a song called "Reunion");

"Lost My Lin" (no clue what inspired this one).

The funny thing is, Dolan's band actually has a song called "Fix the Knicks." I guess that one was just too easy of a target for a such a master of satire, even one so devastated by the departure of a beloved point guard.

Here's a another musical number to cheer up all those depressed sports fans in New York (technically it's not really a parody, but it might as well be). Remember, football season is just around the corner -- and don't forget who is going to be wearing a Jets jersey this season.


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