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Video shows Nexus 7 more durable, water-resistant than iPad

July 19, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • The Nexus 7 beat the iPad in a durability and water-resistance test.
The Nexus 7 beat the iPad in a durability and water-resistance test. (YouTube )

The Nexus 7 looks to be a tougher tablet than the iPad, based on a YouTube video showing it outperforming its Apple counterpart in a series of durability and water-resistance tests.

The Nexus 7 is the first Google-developed tablet and began shipping to customers last week. With a starting price of $199, the tablet is being heralded as the first legitimate challenger to the iPad, and the video posted Thursday showing the device outlasting Apple's tablet only helps that claim.

SquareTrade, a third-party warranty provider, which made and uploaded the video, put the two tablets through three tests: a standing-level drop, sitting level-drop and a dunk in a bathtub.

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In the first test, the Nexus 7 is carried away practically unscathed. The only noticeable damage is seen on its back. Meanwhile, the iPad fares a lot worse. The drop practically destroys one of its corners and causes the screen to crack pretty heavily with some more damage on the tablet's back.

The tablets are dropped from a sitting level in the next round, and again, the Nexus 7 wins. The Google tablet's screen once again appears practically untouched, and the device suffers just some damage on its back. The iPad, though, suffers heavy damage to one of its corners once again, although this time the screen doesn't crack. The back also takes some light damage.

The Nexus 7 makes it a three-for-three sweep, winning once again in the water test, although the iPad performs more admirably than before. The Nexus 7 appears to not sustain much damage, if any, continuing to react to touch gestures as well as play video and music. The iPad also seems to work fine, but it no longer produces any sounds.

You can check out the video below, but beware: High levels of violence against precious technology ensue.

Also, keep in mind that the video is only a sample of what could occur. It does look like the Nexus 7 is more durable than the iPad, but if your tablet falls harder or differently, or if it's submerged in more water or for a different amount of time, the outcome could be very different.


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