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10 Pounds in 10 Days: Can I do it? Day 9

July 19, 2012|By Mary MacVean, Los Angeles Times
  • A few more push-ups with Jackie Warner.
A few more push-ups with Jackie Warner. (Jay Clendenin / Los Angeles…)

(Editor’s note: Writer Mary MacVean tried out trainer Jackie Warner’s diet plan from her new book “10 Pounds in 10 Days.” Here’s her experience. Read about her previous days too.)

Day 9

Jackie Warner writes that the cardio workouts many people do are not as effective as they might be. She cites “one hour-plus treadmill runs.” Oh, dear. I’m a runner, and I run an hour at a time, four days a week. Maybe that’s why I can’t lose those last 10 or 12 pounds, I think.

But the truth is that running is not just a calorie-burner for me. I have kids, a job, lots of outside activities, a house and more. When I go for a run in my L.A. neighborhood, I have no phone, no email, no contact with another soul – except the inconsiderate dog owners who don’t restrain their pets.  This is my private time, to let my mind wander, to be selfish.

So. Ineffective? I really hope not. And I won’t stop running even if it is not the best way to lose weight. But I’m willing to try new workouts, and I’ve really liked Warner’s program for the most part. I don’t have a jump-rope, so I substituted jumping jacks when she calls for jumping rope. And so far I haven’t had the motivation to take a stop watch out and do the short-burst intense runs she recommends.

But I'm feeling good about the weight-lifting she recommends. And I'm doing it all, exactly as she says to do it. Just like with the food, she leaves nothing to chance, down to ordering a one-minute rest at certain points.

Tomorrow: the final count

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