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Colorado shooting: Android phone captures first images of aftermath

July 20, 2012|By Michelle Maltais

The shaky shots of confused patrons -- some in Batman costumes, others bloodied and in shock -- leaving the Colorado theater where gunfire erupted were posted on YouTube by a person with an Android phone.

The video, which jumped from about 330 views to more than 213,000 within an hour, has been tweeted, posted and aired across the country this morning as word rippled across the traditional and social media airwaves.

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The scene outside the theater was relatively calm as captured by the phone, with a handful of people sporadically running out.

We've reached out to 13shantyltoledo, to find out more and will update if we do hear back.

Also posted to YouTube are purported recordings of scanner audio from the police (the first video below) and medics (the second video below) receiving the call about the shooting.

In the police call, the dispatcher says that "somebody is still shooting in the theater."

As frantic calls come in from patrons and rescuers asking for more support and gas masks, you can hear the unwavering calm of the dispatcher against the mosaic of frenetic and anxiety of the scene. She also says that hundreds of calls came in at the same time.

While some theater operators have considered and debated blocking or forbidding cellphone use in theater auditoriums, emergencies such as this may offer a stark exception to that possible rule.


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