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Letters: Private colleges are up to the task

July 21, 2012

Re "Anger grows over GI Bill profiteers," July 16

The article does not fairly cover the fact that career colleges and universities educate non-traditional students who might not otherwise receive access to higher education. Many of the roughly 152,000 veterans attending private sector schools on the Post-9/11GI Bill will say they are doing it because of the focused academic delivery and flexible course schedules we offer, which allow them to complete their education while caring for their families.

Our industry is far from perfect, but the same can be said of just about any other.

We welcome anyone to join us in a constructive dialogue focused on facilitating access to higher education. Unfortunately, our opponents have demonstrated they are not interested in thoughtful policy discussions, instead focusing on accusatory political rhetoric.

Unless Congress accepts our role in higher education, there will be a massive shortage of skilled workers, which will hurt economic growth.

Steve Gunderson


The writer is president and chief executive of the Assn. of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.


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