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Letters: Yes to UC Riverside's medical school

July 22, 2012
  • UC Riverside has proposed building a medical school, but some have expressed budget concerns.
UC Riverside has proposed building a medical school, but some have expressed… (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles…)

Re "A medical school? Not now," Editorial, July 19

The Times fails to recognize the severe physician shortage in inland Southern California that UC Riverside's new medical school will address. The assertion that there are not enough doctors here because poor people can't afford medical care is just plain wrong.

Our community-based medical school is designed expressly to meet the healthcare needs of this region. Our innovative approach will save the state millions in healthcare costs among the underserved. UC Riverside is building a regional medical ecosystem that includes a school, outreach to K-12 and placement of postgraduate residents.

Rather than build a university hospital, saving millions in costs, we're partnering with existing facilities, doctors and federally qualified healthcare centers to educate and place the next generation of physicians. There will be a further economic boost as biotechnology and medical device companies emerge nearby.

The UC Riverside School of Medicine is an incredible deal for the state.

Timothy P. White


The writer is chancellor of UC Riverside.


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