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July 23, 2012
  • From left: Allison L. Stone, Jennifer P. Burkes, Stephen K. McElroy, Cioffi C. Remmer, C. Michael Alder, Scott E. Spell, Marni B. Folinsky, Laura F. Sedrish
From left: Allison L. Stone, Jennifer P. Burkes, Stephen K. McElroy, Cioffi…

It’s hard to go into a courthouse in Southern California without meeting at least one person who knows Mike Alder, the current President of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, and has a story to tell about him. Invariably, it’s a complimentary one: "I saw him in trial last month and he was amazing"; "Mike tried a case in our courtroom six years ago and still stops by to say hello"; "he remembers the case I’m working on and asks me how it’s going."

It’s a further testament to Mike Alder’s popularity that a leading legal newspaper has put less-than-flattering articles about him on its front page multiple times this year, because—as the editor admits—articles about Alder are among the most read of the month when they appear. "Frankly, I think that people understand that newspapers write stories that sell papers," says Alder. "Sensationalizing a situation that doesn’t seem legally notable to anyone except the parties involved in the case is just part of their game to get readership. I accept that, and I’ll let my results speak for themselves."

Far more interesting are the many accomplishments of AlderLaw, the law firm Alder founded in 2000. AlderLaw scored close to $150 million in verdicts and settlements in 2011 alone. Mike Alder is the only lawyer in the United States to be on Verdict Search’s "Top 100 Verdicts in the U.S." three times in 2011 for three incredible trial results.

Alder’s listed verdicts in the Top 100 include a $49.6 million victory in Pedeferri v. White, a case involving a California Highway Patrol officer struck by a car. That result is the largest personal injury verdict in Ventura County, California history by a factor of two.

Less than a week after the Pedeferri verdict, Alder flew to St. Charles Parish, Louisiana to rack up his second verdict on the Top 100 list: Thistlethwaite v. Veolia Water. In that case, the jury awarded $16.1 million to his client for the wrongful death of her father, another record verdict in the Parish.

Verdict number three came in December 2011, when Alder achieved a $32.9 million verdict in a business tort case involving a breach of contract and theft of an ad agency’s marketing campaign idea.

AlderLaw’s current case load includes the high-profile Sears "peeping tom" cases, and the firm’s recent pro bono work includes working with NBC to ensure that a Progressive Insurance client received justice.

These days, when every law firm claims that it holds all the records—"the ‘winningest’ firm in the last two years,î ìthe biggest verdict in history," "the highest amount of referral fees paid"—Alder seems to be more interested in letting people know the unvarnished truth about what his law firm stands for, and what it has accomplished. "I don’t need AlderLaw to pretend to be something it’s not. We don’t need to say we’re the best and imply that everybody else isn’t. There are a lot of good lawyers out there. I don’t think anything is gained for the profession by tearing down my colleagues or talking about stuff on my website so that I can get higher on the page on Google. I believe in relationships, and that’s what AlderLaw is about. The way I see it, people care about AlderLaw because AlderLaw cares about people."

In fact, clients and referral lawyers choose AlderLaw not only because of its reputation and track record, but because Mike Alder just may be one of the only trial lawyers without an ìangleî that you’ll ever meet. And that means a lot.

AlderLaw, P.C.
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