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Another strange twist in the Penn State story

July 23, 2012|By Chris Dufresne

Just when you thought the Penn State story could not get more absurd comes news that the school's last official football win, Nov. 22, 1997, was led by former quarterback Mike McQueary.

The NCAA on Monday, as part of sweeping sanctions, vacated all football games dating to 1998.

That puts in the record book a 35-10 win over Wisconsin inspired by McQueary, who would become a key witness in the downfall of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and, ultimately, Penn State football.

McQueary, let the record show, had a fabulous game, completing his first 12 passes. 

"He's had a great year," Penn State Coach Joe Paterno said after the win, never imagining it would one day be his last victory -- at least in the eyes of the NCAA.

It was also strange that, in vacating Penn State's wins dating to 1998, the NCAA kept in place all but 19 Paterno wins recorded while Sandusky was a member of the coaching staff. Sandusky retired in 1999.

As we said, this story couldn't be more depressing, or bizarre.


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