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Letters: CVS' bad prescription

July 25, 2012

Re "CVS should ask before sign-ups for automatic refills," Column, July 20

I was pleased to read David Lazarus' piece on CVS' practice of automatically refilling prescriptions without asking the customer first. There have been other negative consequences of this practice.

First, my doctor won't respond to faxes from CVS anymore specifically because of its auto-fill practices. Now, for any routine prescription refills, I have the added step of sending a letter to my doctor first for authorization; only after that will the office contact CVS. Staff members told me that they had to create the policy because they became wary about so many automatic refill fax requests coming in from CVS when the patient either didn't need more medication or wasn't authorized by the insurance company for refills yet.

Second, the CVS auto-fills are often preceded by annoying robo-calls to our home.

Bruce Cornelius

Westlake Village


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