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Letters: Why single out marijuana?

July 26, 2012
  • The marijuana dispensary vote by the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday drew a crowd.
The marijuana dispensary vote by the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday… (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times )

Re "L.A. to order all pot shops closed," July 25

A drug is being sold in our great city that results in thousands of deaths each year and is a root cause of homelessness, mental illness, lost jobs and a host of different crimes. And get this: The drug is available for purchase by anyone over 21 in restaurants and stores in nearly every neighborhood.

I trust that the city will now use its overstretched resources to attack the vendors of alcohol. It won't waste its crime-fighting establishment's time on attacking pot stores and re-creating a criminal class of pot salespeople, will it?

I realize we have a perfectly functioning city with high-quality education, little pollution, efficient public transportation and an abundance of parks. Still, is focusing on closing pot stores really the best use of what we have?

Ambrose Bruce Terrence

Marina del Rey

My friend's chiropractic business in the San

Fernando Valley shares a wall with a medical marijuana outlet. On entering her office, the place smells like a skunk got in there. Longtime patients have since gone elsewhere for their treatment.

Medical marijuana advocates insist it's their right to distribute their product without considering how it affects the community. Their self-righteousness sounds very much like that of the National Rifle Assn. and antiabortion activists.

My feeling is that the medical marijuana lobby is primarily interested in its own freedom and not so concerned with others' right to proceed with their lives and businesses without sharing their space with a skunk.

Daren Kelly



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Letters: Why single out marijuana?

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