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USA Olympic Swim Team gets its 'Call Me Maybe' going [Video]

July 27, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla

A little Carly Rae Jepsen, a bundle of cute ladies and a few banana hammocks: The USA Olympic Swim Team got the recipe right when it came to whipping up an extremely fun to watch lip-sync video to the tune of "Call Me Maybe," Jepsen's smash summer hit.

Bonus points for spot-on choreography in the airplane!

Warning: It might take a few bars of Friday night's opening ceremonies to get the tune out of your head.

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Meanwhile, in Jepsen's real world, she's juggling a warning of her own from Lady Gaga, along with a little police investigation into the theft of "electronic property belonging to Jepsen," translatable as nekkid pictures ripped off her computer.

" I SEE you just swooped in and broke my BORN THIS WAY record of the most weeks at #1," Gaga jokingly tweeted on Wednesday. "DONT GET COMFORTABLE IM COMING FOR YOU."

All this as police in Vancouver, Canada, hunt for the culprit who hacked Jepsen's computer, ripped off nude shots and was shopping them to various media outlets back in March, according to TMZ.

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With luck, the perp will be busted before pics of the Canadian-born 26-year-old find a home online. Vancouver police told the website Thursday that an "active investigation" was still in progress.

But back to the video above, in which all the players are not naked: While we maybe can't call the swim-team folks any time soon, the clip's extensive credits list lots of the athletes' Twitter handles, for those who'd like to follow them during the Games.


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