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Letters: Found money

July 28, 2012

Re "Cash-strapped? Not so much," Editorial, July 25

Let's get some perspective. Almost all financial scandals involve losing money, not finding it.

Yes, the accounting system for the state Department of Parks and Recreation, which had about $54 million stashed away, needs to be fixed, something infinitely doable in this electronic age.

Instead of regarding this as bad news, perhaps we should be congratulating the people whose discovery brought this "scandal" to light. Maybe we could have some more "bad news" of this sort.

Furthermore, while $54 million is a lot to you and me, it is only a fraction of the state's roughly $85 billion general fund. So let's not go crazy thinking we have found a solution to our budget woes.

On the other hand, let's put the $54 million to good use and see what parks we can keep open.

Sandy Sans

Los Altos, Calif.


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