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Letters: Made cheaply in China

July 29, 2012

Re "Olympic uproar baffles Chinese clothing maker," July 26

How ironic that our Olympic uniforms are made in a Chinese factory owned by a woman who says it makes sense to manufacture clothing in China because the products would be cheaper for consumers in the United States. What?

Here's a radical idea: Create good-paying jobs in America by making the products here. We need to keep the prices dirt cheap only when we're jobless or not earning enough to have disposable income.

Consumers are the job creators. When we have money, we spend it on goods and services right here. Demand creates supply, which creates jobs. That's the only formula that works, ideology notwithstanding.

Barry Davis

Agoura Hills

Just wait. It won't be long before China outsources its labor to Africa, where workers would love to sew for 50 cents an hour.

China was the first to test the business model, and it worked.

Andrea McNeill-Levy

Woodland Hills

What an extraordinary article. I'll make a T-shirt with a picture of clothing maker Li Guilian in her pearls and diamond-encrusted watch, with her quote below her: "They can eat bitterness."

Workers' hardship is due to legislation that subsidizes corporate greed.

Vicki Fleming

Manhattan Beach


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