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New-generation fillers can help keep youthful looks

July 30, 2012|By Susan Denley
  • A patient receives an injection of a facial filler.
A patient receives an injection of a facial filler. (Ron Heflin / Associated…)

Monday.  Start of a new week.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start with a fresh face?

There are various ways to freshen up.  You could try a new facial scrub, to slough off old skin cells and boost circulation.

You could apply an icy damp washcloth to cool off and perk up your complexion.

You could use a new lipstick or experiment with some faux lashes.

But for anyone looking for a little longer-lasting or more profound revitalization, dermal fillers might be an option.

And good news: Writer Laurie Jane Drake reported in Sunday’s Image section that a new generation of volumizing products on the market this year can help doctors recontour the face more efficiently than ever and sometimes with longer-lasting results.   

If you missed it, read it here.  It gives you something fresh to think about at the start of a new week.


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