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London Olympics: Irvine swimmer Jason Lezak wolfs down Egg McMuffins

July 30, 2012|By Bill Shaikin
  • Jason Lezak is ready to chow down at McDonald's.
Jason Lezak is ready to chow down at McDonald's. (Jason Lezak )

LONDON — Jason Lezak broke training on Monday morning in the most American of ways.

Lezak, who lives in Irvine, swam his one and only Olympic event on Sunday. With no more concern about a training diet, he shared on Twitter a picture of three Egg McMuffins and the caption: "Finally!"

The competition does not start until Wednesday for Jessica Hardy of Long Beach, who will swim the 50- and 100-meter freestyle events.

Not long after Lezak tweeted, so did Hardy: "I get more tired watching meets than when I'm competing! Barely have time to eat!"

That elicited this reply from Lezak: "I could have shared 1 of my egg mcmuffins"

And this from Hardy: "def next time!"


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