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Unreported money

The state controller's records show that about two dozen funds have more money than state agencies reported to lawmakers

July 31, 2012

Fund and unreported amount (in millions)

Fiscal Recovery Fund: $679.6

Beverage Container Recycling Fund: 112.9

Employment Development Contingent Fund: 44.5

Energy Resources Surcharge Fund: 35.4

Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund: 33.5

Children's Health and Human Services Special Fund: 30.1

Restitution Fund: 28.8

Parks and Recreation Fund, State: 20.4

Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund: 12.5

Corrections Training Fund: 6.4

Collins-Dugan California Conservation Corps Reimbursement: 4.7

Dentally Underserved Account: 4.6

State School Fund: 4.6

Energy Conservation Assistance: 4.5

Driver Training Penalty Assessment Fund: 4.0

PET Processing Fee Account: 3.5

Habitat Conservation Fund: 3.4

Educational Telecommunication Fund: 3.2

Fish and Game Preservation Fund: 3.2

State Corporations Fund: 3.0

Water Rights Fund: 1.7

State Dental Hygiene Fund: 1.2

Public Interest Research, Development and Demonstration Fund: 0.94

Deficit Recovery Bond Retirement Sinking Fund 0.93

Sources: California controller's office, state agency reports, Times reporting

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