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Gear: It's a bike! It's an elliptical trainer! It's both!

June 02, 2012|By Judi Dash | Special to the Los Angeles Times
(Elliptigo )

Here’s a fun item to take on vacation: The ElliptiGo is a portable road bike that you don't pedal the usual way.

This hybrid of a bicycle and an elliptical trainer is powered by long, flat pedals on which you push your feet up and down while standing. The pedals are linked to arms that drive the bike's crank, which transfers energy to the rear wheel via a chain like a traditional two-wheeler.

The bikes have adjustable and removable steering columns and removable front wheels for storage and transport.

An optional stationary bike mount lets you use the ElliptiGo as a stay-put exercise machine.

All this innovation doesn't come cheap, but it's no more costly than a high-end treadmill — and much better for sightseeing.

ElliptiGo 3C (with three gears, for mainly flat terrain) costs $1,799, the 8C is $2,499, and the 11C (for riding steep hills) is $3,499. The stationary trainer-bike mount is $394.99.

Info: Elliptigo

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