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Late Night: Jon Stewart not impressed by Queen Elizabeth's jubilee

June 05, 2012|By Meredith Blake

For the past three days, the residents of Great Britain have been joyfully commemorating  Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee with a series of huge public celebrations. Jon Stewart, however, isn't that impressed. 

On Monday's "Daily Show," the host devoted an entire segment to poking fun of all the pomp and circumstance -- and toCNN'sfawning coverage thereof. After a groaner worthy of the Borscht Belt -- “Sixty years on the throne? Get that woman some fiber!” -- Stewart made a requisite crack about the gloomy English weather, calling Sunday's jubilee flotilla on the Thames “a magnificent spectacle that you could almost see from the inside of the car wash that is England in June.”

Stewart was sharper when ridiculing the frenzied commentary from CNN pundits Richard Quest and Piers Morgan, who described the celebration as an “orgy of excitement.”

“Yes, an orgy of excitement,” Stewart said, feigning an English accent. “It was a gang bang of awesome!”

He was certainly less ecstatic in his praise, characterizing the flotilla as “tugboats and garbage barges festooned in papier-mache, drifting in celebration of a durable old lady’s continued non-death.” Ouch.

But he reserved his harshest criticism for the bosses at CNN, who opted not to break out of their coverage of the jubilee, even after a devastating plane crash in Nigeria. Morgan did, however, alert viewers to the “sad news” that a flyover by the Royal Air Force had to be canceled because of the weather.

“Yes it was one of the two very sad airplane stories of the day,” Stewart noted wryly.


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