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The Best Pools in Vegas

Our quest to find the least-cheesy pools in Las Vegas

June 05, 2012
  • The spectacular fountain-fed pool at Bellagio
The spectacular fountain-fed pool at Bellagio

Las Vegas is famous for its vibrant casinos, extravagant entertainment and fine dining. But it is also becoming known for something else: swimming pools. Sure, the party pool scene is hot, and there’s nothing wrong with a private cabana stocked with Jaegermeister and a poolside dance party. But for some, it’s less about the scene and more about the scenery. And after a night out, there’s no better way to recover than luxuriating in the sun next to a crystalline pool. Whether it’s a lush tropical oasis or a sleek modern infinity pool overlooking the Strip, the city is swimming in luxurious pools.

Step out onto your balcony at Caesars Palace and prepare to have your jaw drop at the spectacular marble-floored pools below. Waterfalls and statues worked for the Romans, so why not modern-day Vegas? There are eight pools, but it’s the recently renovated Gardens of the Gods Pool Oasis, which is surrounded by majestic columns, lavish fountains and classically inspired landscaping, that will make you feel like an emperor. 


Ocean waves without the threat of sharks? Sign us up. The Mandalay Bay pool is the one that everyone wants to sneak into, and who could blame them? Three pristine pools make up a giant tropical playground with an actual sandy beach and real waves up to 6 feet high. As if that weren’t enough, there is a lazy river running through it all, perfect for tubing.


If the fabulous fountains on the lake in front of this elegant hotel don’t take your breath away, the five azure pools fed by classical Italian stone fountains set amid lush landscaping and citrus trees will. For old-world Mediterranean elegance, you simply cannot beat luxuriating poolside at the Bellagio.


This new luxury resort in the heart of the Strip is so fond of swimming pools that they created the Pool District, which includes a pool for every mood. For a relaxing experience, we prefer the secluded Bamboo Pool.


Waterfalls, a grotto and even a dolphin habitat are all nestled within this tropical wonderland of breathtaking saltwater pools, all connected by lagoons and surrounded by private cabanas and an outdoor café.


A swimming pool doesn’t have to have marble columns or waterfalls to be beautiful. The lavish eighth floor pool at the Mandarin Oriental, set amid glittering skyscrapers, is dramatic and serene, with spectacular views of City Center.


Reminiscent of an idyllic Venetian garden, the gorgeous five-acre facility is located on the fourth floor of the Venetian and features three pools, one hot tub and the priceless sensation of being in Venezia. Bellisima!

—Jennifer Evans Gardner, Custom Publishing Writer

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