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Letters: What's going on in Syria?

June 05, 2012

Re "Syria 'spillover' is feared," June 3, and "What next in Syria?," Editorial, May 31

The United Nations didn't intervene in the 1990s when the Serbians went to war with Kosovo. President Clinton unleashed theU.S. Air Force, which led to peace after 78 days of bombing Serb positions. We can't expect the U.S. to repeat this in Syria.

Where is the Arab leader who represents the force for imposing the will of peaceful Arabs in the Middle East? When will King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia give an ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar Assad, backed by his air force of F-15 fighter jets? A few bombing runs at Assad's tanks might produce what weeks of U.N. meetings have failed to deliver.

Wally Grayson

Santa Monica

What should we do about Syria? Why are we asking this question? Why is the war in Syria our business?

Virginia Prcic

Westlake Village


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